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The Non-Marketer’s Way to Success

October 22nd, 2009 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

Passion-based entrepreneurs are a very special breed. We love what we do, we’re usually masterful doing it and we make a real difference with our services. Yet marketing and attracting clients is often a big challenge for passion-based entrepreneurs – maybe the biggest. Often I hear people sum it up by saying, “I love to do the work, I hate to market, couldn’t somebody just give me the clients?”

To make the kind of difference we yearn to make it is vitally important that we learn our way of getting our message out to people who are looking for exactly what we offer.

What blocks the passion?

As passion-based entrepreneurs, there are many other things that we’re good at and enjoy doing. In fact, we make up that we’re not good at marketing, and from there, we sometimes start to make up that we’re not going to be able to succeed in our business.

Then we begin to fear that we won’t be able to keep our business open, and we get distracted, doubtful, we may lack confidence, and soon our energy is not as positive or passionate anymore.

My own experience was that I’ve attempted self-employment twice before in the mid 80’s and the early 90’s, and both times I lasted about six months until I folded the business and got a job. Why? Because I didn’t know how to market and attract clients.

Even though I had taken a few sales training courses, I was still paralyzed and ineffectual. You see, I found traditional sales approaches distasteful (can you relate?) and some part of me just kept the foot on the brakes. It was like I refused to push, manipulate, or chase and it meant I was stymied.

A new approach

Then, in the late 90’s I heard Thomas Leonard talk about attraction-based marketing and it was like I had finally heard someone saying it was possible to be myself, create the kinds of real relationships I wanted to have and attract an abundant flow of business.

Over the past ten years or so, I’ve seen major changes happening around marketing, especially for those of us in service businesses. Attraction-based marketing has emerged as an alternative to high-pressured pushy sales techniques.

Attraction-based marketing is based on being authentic, developing trusting relationships, and adding real value in many, many ways. All of this adds up to naturally bringing ideal clients to your business and services.

This approach has provided the missing link for me in succeeding in doing the work I was meant to do. The door to a new world had opened to me and by studying and using these principles I quickly grew a full, fulfilling, and profitable practice.

I’m passionate about sharing this with my clients and I’ve also seen them translate the principles into their business to find their own unique way of marketing that has led to them attracting a steady flow of wonderful clients.

You can do this

I’ve found that it’s possible for each of us to become masterful in marketing. I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years from the very shy to the boldly confident. Whether they’re learning to self-market to find a job or whether they’re a social entrepreneur wanting to make a significant difference, I’ve seen person after person find their innate ability to market in their own unique way.

If we change our mindset and decide to redirect our passion through the principles of attraction marketing, we can align our natural gifts in a way that will ensure a continuous flow of wonderful clients for years to come. Over the next few articles, I look forward to exploring ways you can tap into the power of attraction-marketing in your business.




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