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Passion: Your Compass

July 16th, 2010 · No Comments · Find Your Passion, Leadership, Personal Leadership

What in your life are you brilliant at?
In your heart you know what you do best.
Jennifer White

Our number one job as business owners is to discover our passion and then organize our business so that we are doing that most of the time.

Each one of us is born with the ability to be great at something (or several things). We are hard-wired from birth with these unique gifts and they cry out for us to use them. This is our passion, our brilliance, our calling – what we do best and most love doing.

Identifying your passion and putting it to work at the heart of your business is one of the secrets to a thriving and fulfilling business; a business you love, one that’s sustainable and one with endless possibilities.

But, Isn’t Passion a Luxury In Tough Economic Times?

During difficult economic times, popular wisdom tells us to take the safe, secure path. We hear a constant barrage of messages from the media, colleagues and even loved ones, telling us to forget our unique ideas and get “practical.” That thinking stops most of us from understanding, valuing and using our true potential.

The fact is that popular wisdom in this case is dead wrong. It is when we don’t orient around our passion that we put ourselves at risk. We become swamped by all the options because we don’t have a trustworthy compass for decision-making. Our business becomes a pale imitation of what others say is the best way to succeed. We become increasingly unhappy, unsuccessful and uncertain, and we earn below our potential.

It takes courage to fly in the face of conventional thinking and choose to put your passion first. But when you do you will tap into your true power.

Passion Pays Real Dividends

Knowing and orienting around your brilliance isn’t childish, self-indulgent or a luxury. It is your greatest personal resource for creating a solid, sustainable future. When you do, the dividends will be substantial:

You will avoid chasing the hottest trends when they are a mismatch to your talents.

Rather than being drawn into a hot fad, you will have the clarity to make tough decisions. You will know whether you are following a true urge that will lead to what you are meant to do, or getting swept up in someone else’s desire.

You will be positioned to make the contribution you’re meant to make.

You will have an unshakable knowledge of your best product – you – before you even approach your market. You will know your best way to make a unique, positive, profound and lasting impact on the world. As you learn to harness your natural talents, new pathways to success will open up, and you will become highly attractive to the people you want to service.

You will tap into your deep well of courage and confidence.

Of course, the challenges of business don’t simply disappear once you let your passion lead. In fact, sometimes the opportunities you’re drawn to when following your passion can be even scarier and stretch you further than anything you’ve done before. But when you’re living your passion, you tap into a sustainable power that energizes you with a sense of purpose that makes overcoming daunting challenges worthwhile.

Even during uncertain economic times, understanding your real brilliance gives you a highly practical tool for developing a business that is remarkable.

Imagine, how different would your business and your life be if you spent most of your day doing what you love and do best?


This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business, which be released Fall 2010.


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