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Do What You do Best

March 1st, 2009 · No Comments · Passionate Services, Personal Leadership

“What in your life are you brilliant at?
In your heart you know what you do best.”
Jennifer White, Work Less Make More

Imagine what your business and your life would be like if you did what you do best and love doing, 80% of your day.

As a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur you are probably already aware of your strengths and talents. However, to maximize your business potential, you need to pinpoint your passionate abilities and make them the focus of your business.

We all have the potential to be great at something, using the inner fire and abilities that make us unique. Because our passionate abilities tend to flow without effort it’s easy to discount them and assume that they are nothing special.

But when we tap into them, they energize us and give us a sense of direction and purpose. When we acknowledge and embrace our passion it gives us the courage to overcome self doubts and limiting messages from those around us. By connecting with the powerful force of our passion we can attain new levels of achievement, happiness and fulfillment in our business and life.

Be contrast, if we neglect our passion, allowing ourselves to become caught up in other tasks, we feel depleted and unsatisfied, like we’re treading water.

I challenge you to begin leveraging your passionate abilities in your business now.

Over the course of the next week, ask yourself as you do your key tasks in your business “Does this energize me or drain me?” Note down the tasks in your vision planning notebook. Gather clues as to what make your soul happy. Then, start by eliminating one of the drainers immediately. Delegate it to someone else who loves doing that work. Use technology to automate the task. Or, perhaps even radically reorganize your business processes so that you eliminate the task entirely.

During these uncertain economic times it is particularly important to identify and leverage your passionate abilities. They are your unique contribution to business and the planet. The energizing effect of using your passion will be tangible to others and will draw people, opportunities and resource to you to achieve your business goals.

Benjamin Disraeli said, “People achieve greatness when they act from their heart and their passion.”



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