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Ignite Extraordinary Results

August 25th, 2008 · No Comments · Leadership, Vision

I notice it every year about this time.

Part of me is still savouring each moment of these lush, sunny summer days. Another part has started to dream about the fall.

What do I really want in my business this fall? What’s possible now?

If you too have started to dream and tap into new exciting possibilities, here are seven questions to help you turn them into extraordinary results.


Ignite Extraordinary Results

“I have so many ideas for my business, but I don’t know where to start. How can I take these ideas and DO something with them”?

As a creative entrepreneur, you have an important contribution to make. It’s valuable, and needed in your community and the world. But often our wonderful, wild creativity and our unabashed passion for what we do leads to having so many ideas bubbling around that just don’t know where to start. We end up frustrated, floundering and never see our great ideas turn into results and revenue.

Here’s a starting point. I want to share seven questions that ignite extraordinary results. They will help you create your VisionPlan™, a potent, simple roadmap that will harness your ideas, give shape to your vision and guide your actions every step of the way.

“What kind of life am I authoring?”
Start first by developing your life vision.

It might sound kind of odd to start with our life vision before our business vision, but I’ve found that this is one of the missing pieces in traditional business planning. Your business is meant to serve your life. But for that to happen, it means you need to know what’s most important to you.

What matters most to you? Being at home, available to your children? Or, blossoming in your own self at mid-life? Or, having time to volunteer with a meaningful cause? Starting with your life vision first, puts your business in perspective, connects you with your life priorities, and ensures you’re going in the direction of happiness.

“What is my passion?”
Know and orient your business around your brilliance.

You are hard-wired to do something very well. It’s where you shine, how you naturally add value to others. Once you know your brilliance and make it the cornerstone of your business, you’ll grow a business you love, stand out in the crowd and have endless possibilities.

What do you do best and love to do? What lights you up? Is it connecting with people? Innovating new solutions? Caring and encouraging? Promoting and making things happen? As you’re designing your business vision, you’ll be imaging a future where you’re doing this “special something” 60 to 80 percent of the time.

“What do I really want in my business?”
Develop your business vision, based on the Real You.

It’s YOUR business. You get to design it exactly the way you want. Two to three years from now, if things went very well, what would be happening in your business? Imagine that you’re singing your song. Your light is lit. Your business is thriving. This paints the picture of your business vision.

The amazing thing about our vision is that it’s like an iceberg. While day-to-day we may only see the tip, when we ask questions and listen our vision is right there, under the surface. Tapping into your vision will immediately energize your present, unlock creative thinking, and start new behaviors today.

“Why does this business exist?”
Check for True North.

I’ve got a tough, but exhilarating question. What is your business mission? There has never been a business like this before in history and there never will be again. Because you are unique, your business is unique. Your business mission captures and communicates this.

Toss out whatever you’ve heard about crafting a mission statement. What we want is a simple, snappy statement, like a mantra, that will motivate you and inspire your best clients.

“What’s my definition of success this year?”
Craft your Top Ten Goals.

The next step is to bring this into this year’s timeframe. Once we have an inspiring vision, and have checked True North, it’s time to define success now. Vision is the beacon on the horizon setting the direction. Goals are the measurable milestones that map the way.

But, a funny thing happens when we start getting specific. Resistance rears it’s head! Though it feels uncomfortable, this is good. Your clarity and commitment is shaking up the status quo. To create something new we need to learn, grow and transform.

Courageously define what you want to create and attract this year. New clients? New services? Revenues? Alliances? A year from now, what do you most want to be celebrating.

“So, how’s this going to happen?”
Map out your game plan.

We’re at a pivotal point. So far we’ve stayed away from asking “how.” But now it’s time to in two ways – our strategies and action projects.

Strategies help give our dream legs. Our strategies shape how we’ll accomplish our goals. For example, if we want to double our income will it be by raising our rates, adding a new service, doubling our value per hour?

Our action projects are the building blocks that lead to what needs to be done. They give us exciting, doable actions and immediate results. Once we’ve outlined our action projects, we almost intuitively know what do to. The clarity and confidence they evoke. Success is rarely an accident. It’s the fruit of a meaningful game plan.

“Who is this calling you to be?”
Vision = growth and learning.

Personal transformation is the most exciting part of being self-employed. When we dare to dream, we dare ourselves to grow. An inspiring vision always calls us to become more than we are right now. It will probably mean going beyond your normal zone of comfort.

How will you need to grow? Shed unproductive beliefs? Radically shift your self-imagine? Learn new skills? Personal transformation is the most exciting opportunity of self-employment.

When we dare to dream, we dare ourselves to step up to a new level of our greatness.


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