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Isn’t Attraction Marketing Just Passive?

December 16th, 2009 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

I hear many myths about attraction marketing, but the main misunderstanding is that it’s a passive approach. That somehow if you just think the right thoughts and put the right kind of energy out into the universe, “they will come.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I must admit that I got caught up in this kind of thinking. While I didn’t quite put my feet up on the desk and wait for the phone to ring, I definitely put more emphasis into thinking the right thoughts than anything else.

This myth persists because there is a nugget of truth in it. Who we’re being, our mindset and our heart-set, is an essential part of the attraction marketing process. But it’s certainly not a passive process. It’s extremely alive.

Attraction Marketing Formula

I see attraction marketing as a formula:

Attraction Principles + Marketing Strategies + Daily Actions = Continuous Flow of Wonderful Clients

Attraction Principles are all about who you’re being and about connecting with others from your authentic self. You are your business’s “living brochure.” There are simple and profoundly effective principles that help you become genuinely attractive to yourself, and as a result irresistibly attractive to others.

Marketing Strategies are the core strategies you’re building your business around. It’s vital that you base your marketing strategies on what you love to do and have fun doing. That way you’re much more likely to actually do them, and be highly engaging to others.

Daily Marketing Actions are how you put all this into action. Take one to ten marketing actions every business day. Before I learned this secret from a mentor, my marketing actions were ‘binge and bust.’ I’d pressure myself with unrealistic expectations, freeze with fear and then do nothing. Consistent action avoids this cycle, leads to steady results, and helps you really develop your capacity for marketing.

Putting these three pieces together evokes the true power of the Law of Attraction and results in a continuous flow of wonderful clients. Once I committed to this process and put my faith in it, it was really liberating. And I’ve seen the same thing happen for my clients.

Does it work during tough times?

Yes, there is a volatile economic climate right now, and many businesses are in decline. When I can talk in-depth with people who are experiencing a downturn, usually we discover they aren’t fully engaging the flow formula. Perhaps they haven’t been taking continuous action. Or they’ve wandered away from their sweet spot – their passionate, unique contribution. Or they are trying to force themselves to do what they “should do” to market.

Let me give you an example. Recently Shelley confided that she was really stalled in her business, feeling down and discouraged and ready to give it all up. For the past month, her top strategies for developing new business were seeking out new networking venues and cold-calling – two tasks she doesn’t like doing at all.

We turned the conversation towards the activities she does best and loves to do, which are meeting people over coffee for heartfelt, mutual exchanges. I asked the bold question, “What if THAT became your core marketing strategy?” She lit up at just the thought of it, ready to jump off the phone and right into action. All of a sudden, marketing was something she was looking forward to, instead of something she dreaded.

When you shed the misunderstanding that attraction marketing is passive, and put the flow formula into practice, you will tap into the real power of attraction and draw a steady flow of people and opportunities to you.

Your Turn

  • Have you been caught up in the myth of “Think right thoughts and they will come?”
  • If so, how have you been holding yourself back in your marketing?
  • What change is it time to make to engage the flow formula more over the holiday season and set the stage for an amazing 2010?



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