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One Size Does Not Fit All

March 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

“Marketing is telling people what you do, over and over.”
C.J. Hayden

Most of us business owners understand this simple definition of marketing. But, how do we know what to do to market our services? I hear this question daily. Can you relate? With all the information available on the Internet, in books, and from marketing gurus, we passion entrepreneurs are swimming in ideas. And, quite often drowning in them.

We get inspired, and launch into scattered marketing techniques, but then can’t tell if what we’re doing is achieving our outcomes or not. The missing link is pinpointing our most natural, high-impact marketing strategies and working with them consistently.

Your Passionate Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy, quite simply put, is a way to let people know what you do. It’s a broad brushstroke that leads to focused, concentrated actions that are measurable. The right marketing strategies will help you be visible, build relationships and give people a taste of the possibilities you bring as a resource.

I know there seems like a lot of confusing choices, but I’ve found that it all comes down to a very manageable and finite list of these basic core marketing strategies for passion entrepreneurs:

  • Cultivating referrals
  • Direct outreach
  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Internet marketing
  • PR and advertising

If you can’t even imagine using some of these strategies, don’t worry, you won’t be using them all. The key is to pick the strategies most aligned with your strengths and invest in those. However, before you do this, there is an important question to ask yourself.

What do you do best and love to do?

When you base your marketing strategy on what you do best and enjoy doing, it’s much more likely you’ll actually do it. When you do it, you’ll be enjoying yourself, shining your light and much more likely to be genuinely attractive to others.

Which Strategies Are Right for YOU?

What do you most enjoy doing? Having intimate one-to-one conversations? Entertaining large audiences? Teaching a small class? Building a community of like-minded people? Writing to express your unique ideas?

Each of these can become the basis of a powerful, energizing, and effective marketing strategy. For example,

  • Vicki, who loves one-to-one conversations (and hates cold calling!) focused on meeting professional acquaintances for coffee, and brainstorming to identify prospective people and organizations that would benefit from her healing body work services. In less than 90 days she’d lined up six new introductory talks in companies, and many new initial consultations.
  • Amy is passionate about writing and has a fascination with the on-line world. She’s launched a blog and e-course for busy women struggling with competing priorities. She feel more alive than she has in years, and noticed recently that she’s now spontaneously sharing about her project with everyone she meets. Marketing has become effortlessly integrated into her daily life.
  • Linda loves to inspire large audiences. She’s leveraging this by offering networking evenings that are part motivational talk and part networking “party.” In less than a year she’s become well-known in her local business community and is generating a steady flow of inquiries.

When you base your marketing on what you love to do, you’re more likely to do it, stick with it consistently and be your most attractive self.

Your Turn

Are you choosing marketing strategies because they are the hottest trend? Give yourself permission to stop! Orient around your natural brilliance instead. Almost anything can become a marketing strategy, so break the mould on what marketing “should” be, and design your unique, passionate marketing strategies.

  • What do you do best and love to do?
  • How could that become the basis of a marketing strategy?
  • What could you do this month to experiment with this, in a focused, passionate way?

Next month, we’ll look at the last aspect of the Attraction Marketing formula (Attraction principles + Marketing strategies + Daily marketing actions = Continuous flow of wonderful clients) and translate your passionate strategies into high-impact daily actions.



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