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There is a quiet revolution happening. Many of us who have achieved success in conventional careers are hearing a call for “something more.” Rather than wanting to do more, or acquire more, we yearn to take our unique abilities and passions and make a contribution to others.

From the healing arts, to creative pursuits, to taking a leadership role with a cause that stirs our deeper self, for many of us living our passion has meant becoming self-employed.

It isn’t that we necessarily aspired to be self-employed. It’s that it’s the only way to do what we do best. In fact, there’s a name for us. “Reluctant Entrepreneurs.” And, we’re a growing trend.

A large majority of these “soul business” owners are women. Trends predict that over 50% of new business owners will be women by 2010.

Women business owners are at a crucial point in our history. We are pioneering a new path. As business owners we are stepping into our personal power, and making a positive impact in the world beyond what was possible even a generation ago.

Dr. Christina Northrop, a leading authority on women’s issues, sees that one of the unique challenges for women of our generation is how to ‘be’ in the world. Our mothers before us, by and large, weren’t in the workplace. This means there was little or no role modeling for us. Going into this new territory is really cutting a new path.

This blog explores the unique challenges women face when growing a successful business. We’ll:

• Explore how to tap into your own expression of “genius” and organize your business on your inner blueprint for breakthrough results.

• Explode the myth that you need to sacrifice your personal life to be successful in your business, so that you can start having your business serve your life priorities.

• Address the challenge of endless possibilities BUT limited time. You’ll learn the keys to entrepreneurial planning that will help you focus, become more productive and keep your enthusiasm alive.

• Reveal reasons why we often feel out-of-control in our small businesses and review a new approach to entrepreneurial time management to take charge of the chaos and dramatically enhance productivity.

• Shed old-style, hard-sell marketing and unlock your natural way to attract a continual flow of clients, that work even for “non-marketers”

• Dig into the vital issue of making money with your gifts. Uncover the inner conflicts that lead to underearning and become equipped with the mindset and tools for producing a profitable and prosperous business.

My desire for you is that you have the courage, confidence and practical skills to fully make your unique contribution in the world, earn a (very!) good living and have fun and joy doing it.

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