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Passion: 5 Clues to Help You Recognize Your Passion

February 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Find Your Passion, Personal Leadership

Identifying your passion – what you do best and love to do — and putting it to work at the heart of your business is absolutely essential to creating a thriving, fulfilling business.

However, many of us have only a vague notion about what we do best.  To unleash the full potential of our passionate abilities we need to pinpoint them, deeply value them and make them the compass that guides our business evolution for life. 

How to recognize your passion
Your soul’s code is sending clear signals every moment of every day.  You have a built-in guidance system that is continuously giving you clues.  Five ways you can recognize you’re using your passion is when you:

  • Feel energized and ‘lit up’
  • Are in the flow and lose track of time
  • Are fascinated by something, and learn it quickly
  • Yearn to do something, and feel discontented until you can do it
  • Hear others tell you they value this about you

This week, to start the process of pinpointing your passion stop yourself periodically during the day and notice if you’re in the flow.  See if you can catch yourself when you’re fascinated by, or yearning to do something.

Your strengths are your business’s greatest assets.  Coming to deeply value your passion, and making it the cornerstone of your business will put you on the path of soul-level fulfilment and limitless success.


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