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Play the Daily Marketing Action Game

April 21st, 2010 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

“The magic is in choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them consistently. That’s where the clients come from.”
C.J. Hayden

What if you could break through the biggest block that stops many business owners in their marketing?

Fear, more than any other factor, prevents us from building our dream business and making the unique contribution we are meant to make. There is a deceivingly simple strategy that can turn this around for you, permanently – the daily marketing action game.

Before a mentor coach taught me the DMA (daily marketing action) game, my marketing was binge and bust. I’d become inspired about the possibilities for my business and I’d lay out the action steps, but then I’d set Mount Everest expectations and freeze. And that inaction would turn into a pit of self-doubt and I’d stop for good. Has this ever happened to you?

The DMA game changed this forever.

Taking consistent daily action – making at least one action and some days many more – means you are never overwhelmed. You see, you always know the immediate, right next step to take. It sometimes feels like a risk, but when you stretch yourself to take these actions on a daily basis, you tap into a deeper strength. Over time you become masterful in walking through anxiety, taking action and building an unstoppable wellspring of courage.

Another interesting thing happens when we take consistent action. We begin to get results in unexpected places. It’s almost as if the universe notices and matches our efforts. There is an unmistakable connection between the level of effort we put into our marketing and the results we get out.

Designing your DMA

There are three types of activities that make up your daily marketing action game:

  1. Preparation. This is the ground work that will prepare you to connect with people, and includes things like defining your service, developing your 10-second introduction or upgrading your website.
  2. Making contact. These are the activities directly aimed at building relationships that lead to clients, such as asking a colleague to lunch, attending a networking meeting or sending out your ezine.
  3. Attractiveness. Any action that makes you more attractive to your ideal clients, from following up with people you met at your last networking event (instead of sabotaging yourself by letting those business cards just stack up) to giving yourself the gift of a massage appointment (knowing that this will allow you feel and look better, and perform at your best in your marketing efforts).

Start playing the DMA game – 3 simple steps

Three steps will set you up to succeed. First, identify your three core marketing strategies, based on what you do best and love to do. For example, if you love entertaining, you could host a networking event. Or if you love writing, why not publish an ezine?

Next, brainstorm an abundance of possible actions from each of these strategies. As well, consider what preparation will be needed to take these actions (like compiling your marketing materials) and what will be next to enhance your attractiveness (like de-cluttering your client file drawer).

Then, each morning, listen to your inner knowing to choose which actions you’ll take today. The actions might be from your brainstorming list or they might be something completely new. Your intuition is freshest in the morning, so you’ll know this is what you really want to do. That means you’re much more likely to actually do it. And then, do those actions!

What you can expect from playing the DMA game?

Quite simply, a breakthrough!

No longer will you be stopped by fear. You will know immediately how to shift from overwhelm or confusion into productive action. You will grow a core of self-trust about marketing your services. And, you will attract new clients and opportunities consistently.

Your turn

How can you use these suggestions to design your own DMA game? What will you need to let go of to start taking a risk-a-day?

I invite you to set aside an hour this week to design your DMA game and begin playing it every day. In a surprisingly short amount of time, usually 90 days or less, you will be in a whole different place in your business – seeing more results and feeling more confident.



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