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Secret to Knowing Your Ideal Clients

June 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

“Your most perfect customers are patiently waiting for you.  In fact, they are looking for you and are counting on you to [shine your light] so they can find you.” ~ Stacy Hall and Jan Brogniez

Who is your ideal client? What’s their greatest need? What’s the unique contribution that you, and only you, can bring to them?

If you’re like most people when they first hear these questions, you might be thinking “Well, how should I know?” Business gurus tell us continually that we need to focus. Find our niche. Specialize. But if just the thought of defining your ideal client causes you to panic and freeze, you’re not alone.

The mistake most of us make when attempting to identify our optimal client is that we try to figure it out. We assess, analyze and debate who we should work with, which leads inevitably to frustration and self-doubt.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a simple secret that immediately shifts feelings of confusion to calm clarity. You have within you a guidance system that is continuously giving you clues about who you’re meant to serve.

Think about it. Pause for a moment and picture your ideal client. One whose needs are a perfect fit for your company’s mission. When I ask women business owners to do this for the first time, often they don’t know what’s ideal for them. But, they always know what isn’t a fit. They can say immediately who they don’t want to work with. This is our inner guidance system at work, giving clues that will point to success. Once we understand what’s not a fit, we can use this clarity to paint a clear profile of what would be optimal, by identifying the opposite.

If you feel stretched thin trying to be everything to everybody and know it’s time to focus, start today by listening to your inklings and urges. Trust the signals your inner compass is sending. Listen to what it’s telling you about who you’re not meant to serve and be honest about what isn’t ideal. Then, think of your favourite clients and pinpoint what makes you love working for them.

When you listen to and trust these sure-fire indicators, you’ll know undeniably who your ideal clients are. As you choose to work only with people who inspire and energize you, you’ll truly enjoy the work you’re doing, do your best work, and get on track for an endless flow of clients, financial rewards and success through serving.

This is an excerpt from Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business. Release date: September 2011


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