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Attraction Principles in Action

February 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

“Attraction is the organizing force of the universe.”

Margaret Wheatley

The secret to attraction marketing is this simple but powerful formula:

Attraction principles + Marketing strategies + Daily marketing actions = Continuous flow of wonderful clients

But what are attraction principles?

This can be a confusing term for people these days, since we’re hearing so many different interpretations of the Law of Attraction. Some of it is downright magical thinking – that all you need to do is think about something and it will happen, with no action on your part.

Whimsical ideas aside, attraction principles hold many profound truths that we can use in a practical way in our business and our lives.

There are many attraction principles, but three are the core of attraction marketing:

  • Know and leverage your passion
  • Define how you make a real difference to others
  • Grow yourself

Know and leverage your passion

Each of us is born with the ability to be great at something. We are hard-wired from birth with unique gifts that cry out for us to use them. Your number one job as the CEO of your business is to know what you do best and love to do, then put that at the cornerstone of your business.

In every moment, there are many competing factors you could orient your business around – the hottest trend, a client’s pressing demand, a competitor’s latest offering. To ignite the power of attraction, it’s vital you base your business on your unique, passionate ability. When you do, you harness a powerful force for growing a remarkable business.

Define where you make a real difference

Your business is unique, because you are unique. There is a needed, valuable contribution that you and your business can make that no one else can. You find this by uncovering exactly how your passionate ability intersects with the real needs of your ideal clients, your tribe.

To engage this attraction principle, become genuinely curious about the people you most want to serve. What is keeping them up at night? What unrealized opportunities are ripe for picking? What can your business provide that will make a meaningful difference?

This is the “sweet spot” for your ideal services. It’s your business mission, and when you’re on purpose, you are highly attractive. Knowing this means you’ll never be trying to sell something that people don’t need. Rather, you’ll be on fire with the power of fulfilling your passionate purpose.

Grow yourself

Attraction starts with who you are being. It’s an energetic process. You’ve felt this – you know how some people lift you up, while others bring you down? Our energy intertwines with others; we’re connected by an invisible ribbon that connects us all.

The third core attraction principle is to become the author of your energy. It’s kind of like polishing a diamond. Your ‘brilliance,’ at this moment, is naturally attractive. And, quite likely it’s covered over or blocked in places by habits, beliefs or missing skills that act as friction, slowing down or blocking the energy flow. As you eliminate energy drains and ‘upgrade’ your energy, you become more attractive to yourself and others.

Your Turn

How can you start to engage the attraction principles in a new way?

  • Have you answered the primary question: “Who am I? What’s my brilliance?” In your heart of hearts, I bet you already know your brilliance. Now, what change will put it at the cornerstone of your business, starting today?
  • What is your ‘sweet spot’? What is the unique difference you, and only you, can make? Ask some of your favourite clients for their feedback about what they most appreciate about your work, as a clue to where you’re making a real difference for people.
  • What ‘friction’ is interfering with connecting with and serving your best clients? For example, this is a natural time of the year to eliminate the physical clutter that might be draining your energy. How could you lighten up your physical environment to upgrade your energy, and create space for all the good this year has to offer?

Attraction principles, rather than being magical thinking, are real and practical. When you apply them to your business on a daily basis you get on an upward spiral toward joyful fulfilment and a steady flow of wonderful clients.



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