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What Could Stop You From Trusting Your Passion?

March 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Find Your Passion, Personal Leadership

You have a unique passion within you.  The secret to growing a thriving and fulfilling business lies in identifying this passion and putting it to work at the heart of your business.

Yet, as I’ve coached hundreds of people to orient around their passion, I’ve seen most of us find this difficult to do.  If you find it hard to identify and trust what you do best, you are not alone.

We haven’t been taught how to recognize what we do best and love to do.  In fact, most of us have probably been taught not to be guided by our passion.  We’ve been told to fit in, not rock the boat.  When we’ve dared to say we have gifts, we’ve been told not to become “too big for our britches” or that pursuing our passions is self-indulgent or childish.  We’ve been told it’s not safe, or “practical” to let our passion lead.  Or, perhaps we’ve misunderstood what passion is, and think it’s something only “effusive extroverts” have, and that’s just not who we are.

Your passion has been with you throughout your life, but it may be in deep hiding from the negative messages you received.  While there are simple, sure-fire ways to tap into your passion, they are only effective once you’ve freed yourself of these blocks.

What messages could be keeping you from understanding and valuing your passion?  What have you heard from parents, colleagues or the media that may be submerging your natural passions and causing self-doubt?
I invite you to watch for messages that could be preventing you from fully embracing your truest passions.  Jot them down as a starting point to erasing their debilitating grip.  Quite likely you will find these reasons aren’t yours but someone else’s assumptions, which is the starting point to truly trusting your passion.


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