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What Is Attraction Marketing?

November 30th, 2009 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing

In many ways attraction marketing looks a lot like traditional marketing. But, the difference is like day and night.

Think about it for a moment. Recall the last time you bought something, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You felt noticed and respected. The service or product was a wonderful match to your needs. You felt excited by your decision and spontaneously let others know about the company or professional.

Now, contrast that with the last time you bought something, and felt like running from the store (or website). You felt bombarded with information you didn’t need. You felt pushed, pressured to sign-up immediately before you lost out… probably I don’t need to say more. We’ve all felt the unwelcome impact of “push” marketing.

What makes the difference? Here are three keys that engage the power of attraction marketing.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is the foundation of attraction marketing. Rather than defining your business according to the latest hot trend, or by what your competition is doing, you start with YOU. It’s about knowing who you are and what you are put on earth to do. Then, it’s about uncovering exactly how your ‘brilliance’ intersects with the real needs of your ideal clients. Your offerings stand out as uniquely valuable, because you are unique.

Grow Relationships of Mutual Passion

Relationships are not just important in your personal life. Building relationships that are based on mutual passion are just as important in your business. It’s one of the most important differences in attraction marketing. You care. You genuinely want people to find solutions to their problems and realize their dreams. You approach each prospective client with a motivation of service. You almost effortlessly know how to touch them, plant seeds of possibility, add real value and forge a relationship of mutual interest. When you are the type of person who deeply cares about your ‘tribe’ – those people you most want to serve – people can tell. And, it’s very engaging.

Build a Marketing Engine

Let’s face it, getting the word out about your business takes effort. Lots of it. Rather than being swept up in scattered, often frenzied, efforts to market your services, in attraction marketing you deliberately, step-by-step, build a marketing engine. You give up the pressured, immediate-results mindset (“If I go to this networking event, I have to get a client”). Instead you invest in building a system that touches, connects and “pulls” people toward you.

To use an analogy from nature, I like to think of attraction marketing as a huge system of waterways. Each small marketing action is like a drop of water in a tributary that flows into a larger body of water. Each time you share vital information, give a sample of your service and grow relationships, it adds to the stream. The result? A river of interested potential clients. When you feed the river every day – steadily, passionately and consistently – it yields a continuous flow of wonderful clients.

These three keys can add up to your company becoming one of those rare and irresistibly attractive buying experiences for others.

Your Turn

How can you engage the power of attraction marketing?

When I share these three keys with a business owner for the first time, their response is usually relief. “You mean I get to be myself, and grow real relationships over time!” If you’re feeling this way, here are some questions to help you to start your makeover.

  • What is your brilliance? What do you do best and love to do?
  • How could you use this to get the word out? To grow relationships of mutual interest?
  • What currently are you doing in your marketing that’s not aligned with your nature? What if you gave yourself permission to stop doing it?



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