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What’s love got to do with it?

February 14th, 2011 · No Comments · Attraction Marketing, Leadership, Passionate Services

“The most powerful force in business is love.” Tim Sanders

Whenever I hear “It’s not personal, it’s just business,” it doesn’t sit right with me. In fact, it’s not right. For us passion-entrepreneurs our business is personal. It’s an expression of our deepest commitments, our hearts’ desires and, yes, our love. Is it okay to talk about love and business? Isn’t love too soft or idealistic to talk about in a hard-nosed business reality?

In a word, no. Love is the bedrock of our business success. Love fuels our motivation, grows rich relationships and puts power into our marketing.

What is love in business? Management consultant Rodney Ferris offers that within a professional context, love is “a feeling of caring or deep respect for yourself and others, of valuing and believing in yourself and others, and of helping to achieve the best of which everyone is capable.” Rather than being a soft sentiment, love is the power source of our business success and we translate it into action daily in many practical ways.

Love fuels our personal leadership Leading a business can be tough at times. It takes persistence and an abundance of energy. When our business is based on our passion – doing what we love, working with people we care about, making a positive impact that matters – we are connected with an endless source of motivation. When you’re living your passion, you tap into a sense of purpose that makes overcoming daunting challenges worthwhile. Love is what sustains you, unlocks your courage and gives you the juice to wake up each day excited about what you’re up to, no matter what’s happening.

Love grows rich relationships Trust-based relationships are essential to business success. The power of love helps us forge a deeper human connection and build a foundation of trust. People trust our motivation because they sense that we have their best interest at heart. A high-trust relationship helps you deal effectively with conflict, provide exceptional client service, grow a “dream team” of support, and foster new thinking and innovation. When you look forward every day to strengthening others and helping them succeed, you have what it takes to grow collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships and be a high-impact leader.

Love puts power into marketing Love – authentic caring – is one of the most important ingredients in effective marketing. When you’re the type of person who genuinely cares about your “tribe,” people can tell. You are naturally a giver. You want people to find solutions to their problems and realize their dreams, and you spontaneously share your knowledge, expertise and connections to help them succeed. You are also a connector. You’re motivated to expand your network of people who share your values, and you enjoy connecting them with each other. This adds up to becoming an outstanding brand, and being so attractive that people are naturally drawn to you.

I invite you to stoke the fire of love in your business this month. Take some time to reflect on how you can tap into this boundless energy source more fully. What do you love about your business? How are you sharing your love with others? In your customer service? In sharing your resources generously? In making connections with the people you know and trust? How could you allow your deep caring to ignite a new level of confidence, courage, persistence and joy?

The most powerful force in your business is love. It’s what will help you do your best work and stick with things when the going gets tough. It will empower you to help others be their best, stand out in your field and be a beacon of real hope and possibility in our world.


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