What do you really want for your business?

As a passionate woman business owner, you have a unique, valuable and needed contribution to make to the world. It's vitally important that you claim and live your dream for your business.

But, quite likely the sparks of your dream are at risk of being extinguished. Your days are spent doing busy work. You now have a 6-or even 7-day work week. You're working harder than ever, but much of your time is spent doing things you don't like. When you do get some free time, you're too burned out to enjoy it. This definitely wasn't the plan.

If you're ready to re-claim your dream and connect with the power that will give you the time and freedom to turn your vision into reality, Give Your Dream a Plan is the one book you need. It teaches you seven questions that will unlock your potential to live and work on your own terms. A proven simple, flexible process will take your deepest desires for your business and turn them into a roadmap for success.

Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business

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Barbara Richards

Barbara J Richards is Master Certified Coach and founder of VisionWork Coaching Group, a firm that coaches self-employed professionals and busy exectives to find success and fulfillment in business and life. A coach since 1994, Barbara is one of the pioneers in the coaching profession. She has empowered hundreds of professionals to find their passion and unlock their innate ability to produce the results they truly desire.
Barbara's new book shows you how to: Give your Dream a Plan: 7 questions to ignite extraordinary results in your business will focus your ideas, ignite your motivation, unlock your potential to step out boldly and make your dream a living reality.