What people are saying about business coaching

"I initially sought out a coach because I felt very stuck in my business and felt I had to either change careers or make my current business exude who I really was. Being self-employed and working on straight commission, I needed to be self-motivated, have drive, energy, and focus. Barbara has been very helpful in leading me through discovery of my values and how they benefit my business. My income has improved, stress has been reduced and I provide better service to my clients. Thanks Barb…you're worth every penny!"
BK Investment Advisor

"In the 16 months that Barbara's been my coach, I've set clear financial goals and established systems to pull me forward. She has terrific, practical business experience, and she's equally adept at supporting me in the soul-level places I need to go to become my best, most true and happiest self. Barb consistently displays the highest, deepest and best that a coach can give."
BJ, Consultant

"One of the most lasting effects of the coaching was the way Barbara supported my entrepreneurial creativity by listening to the presenting symptoms and pulling out the key strategies for change. Barb's style is warm, friendly, empathetic and encouraging. She has a way of getting into people's issues and applying her gifts of optimism, enthusiasm and business skills. As a client, I was always stepping up to the next great thing on the horizon."
CT, Owner, NetExec, Inc.

"Working with Barb over the past year has been one of the best actions I've taken. She has moved me to grow my business exponentially. I am light years ahead of where I was before we started working together. She has a compassionate approach, remembers details and asks powerful questions. When we are on a call, I feel that I am her single most important client and I sense that she is supporting me even when we are not talking. She provides the space to let me grow and discover, as well as her advice that's based on her own experiences. I need both and I get the right mix from Barb."
MA, Point-to-Path Coaching

"Barb guided me to design my business from the ground up, built around doing what I love in a way that was potent in the world. I love the power of Barb's ability to listen with deep awareness, so that I work things out on my own. I believe Barb is one of the best people coaching today."
Jim Vollett, CEO, Vollett Executive Coaching

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