Now What?
90 Days to a New Life Direction

Whether you are a successful executive, professional or currently between careers, you have a unique vision, purpose and contribution to make to the world.

The Now What? program will empower you to discover your passion, uncover your inner blueprint, develop an inspiring master plan for your most authentic self, and make immediate changes to live the life you truly desire.

You will learn how to:

  • separate who you are from what you have done
  • find the clues your past holds for your future
  • discover and follow your life blueprint
  • access you intuition for answers
  • · put yourself in opportunity's way

Possible benefits include:

  • feel energized as you take charge of your life
  • become empowered as you claim your gifts and talents
  • re-connect with your passion
  • believe in yourself in a new way
  • find new courage to take creative risks
  • learn your way to face and transform what could hold you back
  • feel the spark of joy and fulfilment of doing what you're meant to do

Each week you’ll read a chapter, reflect and write on powerful questions, and take actions to make immediate changes.

Weekly we’ll meet by phone to discuss your insights, coach through blocks and design your next steps. You’ll work at your optimal pace and make the changes that will lead to true life fulfilment.

You will ignite new clarity. You will shift from confusion to focused action and feel re-inspired about your life.

  • Read and print the Now What? Program brochure here. (1.5 mb .pdf)


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"Career and life satisfaction stem less from what we choose to do for a living and more from who we get to be every day while performing those tasks.

We want an integration of our work self and our Self-self. We experience a richer life when we focus on who we are becoming."