Solopreneur Coaching

Ignite extraordinary results

We self-employed professionals have incredible passion for our work. We’ve followed our dream of making a difference, and living our own unique lifestyle. We’ve tasted what’s possible.

But, let’s face it, we’ve found that growing and operating a service business can be tough.
A common challenge I hear is “I love what I do. I’m great at it. But no one taught me how to ‘make a business’ with my passion.”

The skills of growing a successful business and thriving in your life, are completely learnable.
The fundamental purpose of VisionWork business coaching is to empower you take charge of your business for success and fulfillment.

You’ll learn the skills of building a business based on your passion and gifts. You’ll grow in personal and professional effectiveness. You’ll develop your unique business processes for attracting more ideal clients. You’ll break free of underearning and earn to your true potential.

You’ll become more organized, focused and empowered to create the results you truly want.
If you haven’t reached the level of success you expected or wanted and are ready to make significant changes, we can help.

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“Your business is not your life. Your business is meant to serve your life.”
Michael Gerber, E-Myth Revisited